Andre Fazaz x Evans Junior x Skarz share new music video for latest single 'No Cap'

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

According to rap encyclopedia Genius the slang term “No cap” has become one of the most popular phrases in hip-hop. It’s grown from a handful of mentions in 2016 to hundreds of references in 2018. Urban dictionary defined the slang term No Cap to mean “No lie. Someone usually uses this after saying an unbelievable statement or asking a serious question” According to Andre Fazaz “The main message behind the song is stop lying, just to do their thing and don’t worry about everyone else. There is no need to fake a lifestyle that you don’t live and flex when you can’t afford it. Live within your means and just be you and the best version of yourself that you can be.

The track was produced by JB Made It who is responsible for the upcoming Drake x Fivo Foreign x Sosa Geek banger which arrives very soon. Speaking to Andre on the process of making the song he shared “The single came about, when I (Andre) was doing a freestyle on instagram just to give my fans some content, the reception was very good insight on Instagram looked very promising.” Andre then decided to make the freestyle into a song, asking fans to poll who they wanted as a feature on the Track. After fans spoke Fazaz recruited Evans Jr & Skarz. The song was recorded during a trip himself and Evans took to the UK. Fazaz continued to share “The collaboration was so organic, the energy in the studio was crazy it pushed everyone creative boundaries. Evans had just dropped his album, I had just dropped my EP and Skarz had just signed a deal with Warner and everything was just feeling right

'No Cap' is now on all digital streaming platform.