Nonzus Magnus shares new eclectic R&B single ‘For Da Gang’

Following the release of his cinematic music video ‘Fight Cub’ Nonuz Magnus kick starts his year with a new single ‘For Da Gang’. A melodic and experimental self-produced R&B record inspired by Darkoo’s ‘Gangsta’ about meeting an enticing woman, developing a perplexing relationship with her and wondering whether she is just there for a good time with him or if she’s ready to love him all the way and be his ride or die.

Nonzus explains “This song is about meeting a bold and enticing woman, starting to feel for her and seeing her potential and the potential of the blossoming relationship as we both keep it honest between each other. Wishing the games would stop as things start to become unclear. Wanting to know if she is just here to have a good time with me or if she’s ready to take things seriously in the hope of loving me all the way and being my ride or die.”

The instrumental and vocals were produced, mixed & mastered by Nonzus Magnus himself. He explains”I spent a lot of long nights grinding and working away from home, being back in Dublin Ireland I had a lot of time to reflect. I was seeing someone at the time, around late 2019, things became a little rocky in the relationship. Alongside that the late nights I would meet up with friends and play around with ideas, singing, laying down melodies and brainstorm ideas. Eventually creating the beat, the hook for the track and then the remaining verses.”

Hailing from D15 in Dublin Nonzus Magnus is an experimental artist ranging from hip hop, R&B and Alternative Rock. Providing a very unique and eclectic sound, combing a multitude of different influences and sounds together, creating a memorable sound of his own. Growing up listening to the likes of Michael Jackson, Usher, Pharrell Williams, 50 Cent, Eminem, Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Kanye West, Travis Scott, Drake, PartyNextDoor. Nozus grew a taste for diversity and it is very evident in his music today. With his instantly recognizable voice and his ability to switch it upon demand. He began his musical journey with piano lessons as a child and later in life picking up the Guitar and learning the art of strings. Eventually getting into music production in 2014 and releasing his first song “NUKETOWN” Early 2017. Followed by performing at Longitude Festival, Opening up for Ireland's Hare Squead at their first London Headline show and later having his first London Show alongside Amni Boys, Cosmo Pyke and DJ Olos. Previously mentioned in illustrious outlets such as District Magazine, Earmilk, Nialler9, The thin Air and Stated by Notion Magazine.

What can we expect from you Nonzus: “This year expect the best and most unique bangers you’ve ever heard. A ton of versatility to keep you interested and even greater production to break musical barriers. Expect a project Late February/Early March with appearances from some friends from outside of the country.”

'For Da Gang' out now on all digital streaming platforms

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